Wednesday, June 25, 2014

10,500 year-old Karahan Tepe: Göbekli Tepe's Sister Site in Turkey

Karahan Tepe is the sister site to the enigmatic Göbekli Tepe in Southeast Turkey (video here: It has many striking similarities to Göbekli. Firstly, it is still buried. All you are seeing in the video is the very tops of the T-Shaped pillars. There are 266 of them that mostly form parallel curved serpent-like rows. Some have animal and serpent relief carvings. Karahan Tepe was first discovered in 1997, and was surveyed in 2000 and again in 2011. It is located on the Tektek mountains and is within the boundaries of Sanliurfa (ancient Edessa - the birthplace of Abraham). 

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I visited this unexcavated site in June 2014 with author Andrew Collins and a group of Megalithomaniacs on the 'Origins of Civilization' tour. It is not an officially recognized tourist site, so we had to plan the trip there carefully as it is on private land, upon the Tektek mountains. When Andrew visited there in 2004 the person who showed him around was warned he would get a beating if it was found that anyone had visited there. Ten years later, and the owners welcome the occasional visitor with tea and information. No beatings entailed, just tea and conversation after our morning visit. Anyway, enjoy the video, and join us there in September if you can.

Filmed, Produced, and Directed by Hugh Newman. Copyright Hugh Newman/Megalithomania 2014. All Rights Reserved. 

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Filmed, Produced, and Directed by Hugh Newman. Copyright Hugh Newman/Megalithomania 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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