Saturday, February 28, 2015

Geometric Scottish Carved Stone Sphere Discovered at Tiwanaku

Subscribe: 420 geometric stone spheres have been found in the vicinity of Neolithic stone circles in Northern Scotland, with 169 coming from Aberdeenshire alone. Outside Scotland examples have been found in Ireland at Ballymena, and in England at Durham, Cumbria, Lowick and Bridlington. One was recently spotted by Hugh Newman over 6000 miles away that came from an important megalithic pyramid site in South America - Tiwanaku in Bolivia. To find one of these here may prove the connection between Britain and South America in prehistory. The Fuenta Magna Bowl has solidified links between ancient Sumeria and Tiwanaku, so perhaps this was part of a worldwide megalithic culture. Download the FREE Ebook at:

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

'Ancient Technology Peru And Bolivia Tour' - June 2015

Megalithomania & Hidden Inca Tours presents the 'Ancient Technology of Peru & Bolivia' tour June 19th - 29th 2015.  This unique tour brings together best selling author Andrew Collins, Hugh Newman of Megalithomania and Brien Foerster. We will be exploring ancient megalithic and spiritual sites in Peru and Bolivia, as well as the enigmatic Elongated Skulls. We will also examine and compare the great civilizations of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, and the pre-dynastic temples of Egypt with the sites of ancient Peru and Bolivia. Includes full day Solstice celebration in Cuzco - The Inti Raymi. Basically, every famous ancient place in Peru and Bolivia will be covered on this tour, with a pre-tour add-on to Nazca, Ica & Paracas, and a post tour add-on to Bolivia, looking at Tiwanaku, Puma Punku, Lake Titicaca and more. Video produced by Brien Foerster. email: