Friday, March 21, 2014

Stonehenge 2014 Spring Equinox - Druid Ceremony

Happy Equinox Megalithomaniacs! We took an early morning drive to Stonehenge to meet up with Druids, Pagans, and around 300 megalithomaniacs to celebrate the Spring Equinox. There are changes afoot at Stonehenge, with a new visitor centre, the car park being 'grassed over' and the now blocked road. Basically you now have to walk over a mile from the entrance to the stones, or get a laid-on shuttlebus. It was a cold morning, but we managed to meet up with archaeologist Julian Richards to discuss the new scanning of the stones that has revealed more enigmatic carvings (video on that coming soon). We also chatted with Arch-druid Rollo Maughfling, and witnessed a powerful ceremony from Arthur Pendragon, who are both doing all they can to keep access open at these turnings of the year, and protect the site from any possible threat. I caught up with my colleague, archaeo-astronomer Simon Banton, about the proposed housing near Larkhill military base, that is directly on the viewing line of the Summer Solstice sunrise from Stonehenge. This planning oversight needs to be stopped so please make your opinions count here: - email the MOD directly at: to protect the sunrise alignment

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